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Heavy bleeding. So fed up

I just wondered if any one else experiences very heavy bleeding? My pain and bleeding are so bad when I have a period that I have them every three months (take pill back to back) and have to schedule holiday time at work to coincide with my period so I don't take too many sick days! Which is what I'm currently doing, day 3 of period and I've not moved from bed much, however bleeding so heavily it's gone through onto my pjs once today and I've also just managed to completely fill up my mooncup (which I use instead of tampons, helps measure blood loss) in less than 2 hours! This is becoming absolutely ridiculous now, my boyfriend has suggested that we go to a&e but I ended up there a few months ago with a drip and morphine and after a few hours was pretty much told to be on my way and wait for my next gynae appointment! I am currently waiting to receive my laparoscopy date which I should have already have had - coming very close to the 18 week nhs time limit! I am really fed up.

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I have never had heavy bleeding, but my mom has (she has no endo that we know of). She has ALWAYS had heavy bleeding. Like the kind where you have to wear 2 overnight super absorbent old ladies pee themselves pads at one time. And she STILL would bleed through to her pants. She has had heavy bleeding like that since she started her periods. She said until she gave birth, having cramps would be so bad that she would have to miss school and hope to faint so she wouldn't hurt anymore (which makes me wonder if she has endo, because the killer cramps are like the number one sign). After giving birth the cramps have lessened, but not the bleeding.



I had very heavy bleeding. Like you would be in bed for days. I My cycle use to last around 10 around four of which was heavy and like you went to A&E after a very very heavy day, and was told to go home after checking blood count as it's all part of endo. I was also put on pill back to back and stayed that why untill Lapo.

Since this I have had my first Lapo. I'm still experiencing 1 day of heavy blood loss, but my cycle is down to four days, and is mostly manageable after that intial day. So far this has got much better and I see my consultant in few weeks for further treatment options.

Keep ringing your hospital/consultant and chasing for appointment I nagged my hospital beyound belief and also kept going to see GP explaining pain, blood loss, getting blood counts, and they kept my consultant informed. It seemed to work for me


Hey! Thank you for replying.

Sounds very similar to my situation! Did you get diagnosed after your lap?

I have called the hospital every other day so far and I'm told I'm still on the waiting list and my letter with my date will be sent out 'soon'. I had my pre op assessment 2 weeks ago and was expecting to receive a date then but no joy, despite it saying in my letter that I should expect to have the op within 2 weeks of my pre op date it's absolutely ridiculous. They've told me it's very near to my 18 week nhs time limit and they get in trouble if they go over that so they will try not to. It's really unhelpful. I understand how stretched the nhs is but I've been waiting for this since April.

My gp is absolutely useless and tends to get quite exasperated with me and says "what do you want me to do" like I'm being a pain!

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hi...not surprised you are fed up...I too have dreadful periods...the doctor sent me for a scan and it turned out I have fibroids...have you had a scan yet?? He also gave me meds to help which they do a bit but they also zonk me out..hope you get some answers very soon!!


Hey! Thanks for your reply. Yes I've had an ultra sound, a few years ago though before my first lap and no fibroids. What meds do you take? I was given gabapentin for the pain and they had the same effect, plus made me feel loopy!


Hi..I am prescribed tranexamic acid...it does help if you can tolerate the side effects..for me extreme tiredness but ofcourse meds don't make everyone tired!


It's miserable isn't it. I had a laparoscopy and excision apparently of all endometriosis a couple of months back. Had the mirena for 9 months and have bled for 90% of the time. Very heavy at period but bleed at ovulation too. Can't see an end to this. Had to get changed 4 times yesterday! No energy, sitting about wasting my life. Now I'm thinking menopause or further problems, really really fed up to say the least. Pain every day that just worsens and lessens to a certain degree but always there.

I feel for you honestly, completely understand and really hope you have more luck that me with it. To make matters worse I can't use run of the mill sanitary towels due to sensitivity so buying the organic cotton ones is costing me a fortune!! Can't use anything else due to contractions! Oh joy!!

Good luck & fingers crossed for you xx


I waited ages to get seen by gynaecology the endless times I had to chase them about cause of the pain I was in even my doctor got fed up of him seeing him I feel that most of doctors have no compassion for people suffering with this deliberating condition maybe if nhs stuck to there 18 week rule wouldn't have to keep at them


I was told I had endo after my MRI, I recieved a letter in the post from my consultant. I had already been referred for the Lapo, but they wanted to confirm it by MRI as I was having so many bowel issues , and they wanted to see how clues to my vowel the endo was, so they could be prepared before surgery.

I thought they had to see you within 3 months ( this is what I was told at my hospital)

I hope you get a date soon.


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