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Stories about the coil failing? Help

I had my first laparoscopy last year (aged 14) for my diagnosis and treatment where i had it burnt off (of course 5 months later i become ill again) i also had the coil fitted at the same time. Its been almost 12 months now and i am not only still having periods but i am having them TWICE a month. I was given the pill a month ago and still no change. What is going on? Why am i still bleeding? Please share your experiences with the coil

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Please try serrapeptase from seventh wave.

Not sure about the coil.


Hi Ohmygee,

Sorry to hear you are having a rubbish time! I had similar issues like your having when I had the coil. I would have the coil fitted be fine for 3-6 months if lucky then period's and pain would start up again. I found that the reasons I was having periods and increased pain was because my body was rejecting the coil. I had 5 in total, don't know why it took 5 of them for us to realise my body didn't like them haha.

Also heavy periods can, move the postion even more. So maybe yours has moved, so isn't as effective? Have you checked the position lately, you can always go to your GP or Practice Nurse and they will check for you too.

Hope this helps and you start feeling better soon.

Hol x

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If you're having issues with it, I'd go along to your local GP/nurse and get them to check it out.


I am not sure what to say I was diagnose 6yrs ago with endo and had mirena placed had no issues except I had no pain no period for 5 yrs then last year it was removed they didn't want to place another one in due to the fact that I have an invert uterus and takes them 4 time as long to place but 1 year after the removal I was rushed to emerg with a lot of pain . No issue when place with mirena

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My friend, who also has endometriosis, had the Mirena and she ended up having it removed as she couldn't cope with bleeding all the time & it made her feel low. When they removed it they told her (don't know how true this is) that her body had used all the progesterone up super fast.

Anyway I tried it for myself, and I had massive bleeding and mood changes/disturbance. Then about 4.5 months after having it fitted, it all settled so I've kept it. I do bleed on and off (ovulation) and during period, but it is lighter and bearable compared to before. It seems to really vary as to how each person responds.

It could be that the dose of hormone is not right for you, or that the fact the hormone is so localised is a problem. Or you could have an additional issue like fibroids or something that is causing the bleeding outside what you already know about. Ask your doctor about it - perhaps they can give you a scan to check and also test your hormones. Are you sure the extra period is not bleeding around ovulation time?


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