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I had a laparoscopy in May and ended up with two tears to my small bowel and bruising to my large bowel. It was obviously a very negative experience and I know that most procedures aren't like this!! However, because of what went wrong I didn't receive any diagnosis other than 'old endo' and 'pelvic scarring' and nothing was treated because obviously the second operation was to repair the damage caused by the first operation. I've now been to a specialist for advice and was told basically that I might need to have another lap in order to remove the endo, but because I'm not ready to try for children yet he suggested that I could wait a few years before having the lap.

But what I didn't realise until I had already left was - if I leave the endo to potentially grow over the next few years, does this not mean I may harm my chances of having a child later on even if I had a lap? i.e the endo could attach to places that it can't be removed from? I just wondered if anyone else was in this situation where they need to decide whether to do it now or wait, and what you all think.

Really appreciate any advice as although I'm not ready for children it's quite upsetting to be faced with this!


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Hi there

I think for specific question like this, you had better consult with your GP or specialist.

Let us know what they say too :)

Sending you lots of cuddles.



Hi, I have heard of women adopting the watch and wait approach with the view of having a laparoscopic clearance prior to trying to conceive (if they experience difficulties). I think it depends on how bad (what stage) and/or how symptomatic your endo is. The more symptomatic you are the sooner you may like your surgery. There is always a risk that the endo will return after surgery, even with the most skilled surgeon, thus potentially affecting your ability to conceive. My specialist told me that most women who do conceive (with severe endo) do so 3-6 months after surgery (i.e this is the most fertile time). Perhaps this is why he has suggested to wait? On the other hand you may not experience difficulty even with your endo. It's hard to know unless you have already been trying. I would definately see him again to clarify and raise your concerns/questions.

Good luck.


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