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First Referal Appointment

Hi All,

I have recently had my referal letter come through and my first appointment is on 6th October at the endonetriosos clinic at the Birmingham women's hospital.

Here is my story;

Always as teenager had infrequent and very painful periods and was put on the pill to control this. Also had tablets to reduce the level of bleeding.

Fast forward 12-13 years in January 2014 I decided to come of the pill to see if this was effecting my weight, I had my normal bleed from the pill in January and then nothing.

On 27th June when I woke up, I had the most excruciating pain in my left hand side where ovary would be. I rang my doctors to book and appointment for that day and got ready for and went to work.

Not been able to put up with the pain I went straight to my moms house, she rang the doctors back up and was told to take me up straight away.

After seeing the doctor, he tried to get the worms hospital to see me straight away, they wouldn't, so I was sent to A&E.

After been in the waiting room around 20 mins I was taken through and seen by a doctor. I was given morphine and said I was been referred over to the women's hospital.

I was kept in over night for pain management and had a scan the next morning. when the consultant came round to see me they told me I had PCO and they think the pain was caused from a burst cyst.

I went back to see my doctor who said a for a cyst to burst and cause they much pain wouldn't have been a cyst from PCO. He gave me some stronger tablets to help manage the pain which I was told would ease off as the burst cyst settle down.

By October i was still in some discomfort and pain so referred by doctor to have another scan and blood test. It was then confirmed I had PCOS.

Now a year on, I am still pretty much having daily pains on the left hand side and sometimes on the right. I was sent to have another scan which the nurse told me was normal, mention of any cysts on my ovaries.

My doctor said he would refer me to the women's hospital for undiagnosed pelvic pain. When I had my letter come through I have been referred to the endo clinic.

The is endo on my moms side of the family, I have 2 cousins that have it.

is there any one else who had PCOS and endo ?

What are the consequences of having both together?

What can I expect from my first appointment?

Sorry for the long post.



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Hi Allison

I don't have PCOS so I can't answer that question.

The first appointment will probably just be an examination. For mine, I had an internal ultrasound. They weren't able to detect the endo with that particular examination, but it ruled out anything else, so it's good to have it done. Following that, I had a laparoscopy where I was then diagnosed with endo, and they removed it on that occasion as well and they also fitted a mirena coil. For this, I was given a general anaesthetic and was just a day patient at the hospital. I went in that morning and was out that evening. I've been off work for 2 weeks, and will probably return next week.

Let me know if you have any specific questions about the treatment I received, and I'd be happy to answer.

Sending you lots of cuddles.



Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you, I have been all over the place the last couple of weeks. I have been so tired and physically exhausted I ended up going the doctors and they have me a blood test to check for anaemia etc but all came back ok so doctor said must just been from the constant pain I am getting.

So is the mirena coil treatment for endo? I was put back on the Yasmin pill in July last year to help with the pcos. but it hasn't helped with this other pain I keep getting.

if you don't mind asking, what sort of job to you do? if work in office and sit at desk all day do you think could return to work after one week? or does this depend on how much 'work' they have to do during the lap?




It's not the actual work - but the concentration levels required for work. After an operation, you need to give yourself time to recover and heal and let your body repair itself. I'd say 2 weeks minimum. I do a desk job too where I'm sitting for most of the day.


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