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Hi all I'm new here and my dr tells me they are pretty sure I have endometriosis I have all the symptoms , I have been going to Drs about this for over 4 yrs and only now do they tell me, they have referred me for a lap (My dr says "just to confirm")

Over the yrs I have really gotten quite down over this I have to call off sick for work as the pain and heavy bleeding (with clots) means I just can't do anything but for it to be given a name now....I don't know....if truth be told I'm scared....I am glad on one hand for it to be given a name I mean that's last few yrs have been horrible with pain and bleeding but y has it taken so long? It's like the Drs got fed up of me keep coming back so I am finding this all overwhelming I said to my gp if it was how do we make it go away and he just says oh there's no cure u will have to learn to live with it!!! I'm thinking I can't go on like this forever! Tell me there is some light at the end of the tunnel?

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  • There are lots of wonderful/not so wonderful treatments out there - its all about trial and error, identifying what is good or bad for you and what you feel comfortable to do. there is lots and lots of info around the internet & millions of personal stories on here for you to look through. I was the same as you waiting for what felt like forever to give my problems a label - it doesn't go away but it really does get better ♥ do your research, stay strong, be positive and look after yourself xx

  • Thank you so much for ur reply, went to work today and was talking to one of the girls turns out her mum has it so she is going to talk to her mum for me, I have started lookin things up on the net my gosh there is so much!

    I think it's going to be a while before I get into a routine with this but I'm hopeful I will

  • Hi - the most important thing is to know that we now have specialist centres. Your lap is probably being arranged in general gynaecology and unfortunately they can miss endo in less accessible places. You can treat this first lap as diagnostic and then have more thorough treatment later if necessary or can insist on being seen in a centre from the start which is really best as a lap should be done by a gynaecologist who has specialised rather that dealing with endo under the general umbrella. Have a look at my post on how to find a specialist centre.

  • Oh right I didn't know that I just assumed all gyne would be specialist in endometriosis thank u very much for the heads up

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