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Advice needed

Hi all

Had a laparoscopy done a month ago and erosion cauterised. They also inserted a Mirena coil. Iv had a lot of pain and bleeding so taking pain meds. Been eating so much rubbish but getting down. Feeling like I need to get back to normal. Does anyone know anything about swimming / exercise and what I shld and Shldnt be doing. I shld have also said I have endometriosis and they treated this using helium beam treatment. I'm getting fatter by the day due to lack of exercise and eating rubbish but it's getting me down. Any advice on diet. Exercise wld be appreciated xx

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I would t give up hope yet. You should have give yourself up to three months to heal properly inside from a lap and mirena can take up to six months to settle down if it's going to. you should have been told all if this at the time if your op. Hang on in there!


aww hun, I so feel for you

I have suffered with Endo for over 20Yrs now and had been on the Mirena coil

I found this Ok at first but as it also contains hormones like in the pill you will gain a little weight. I also found that it gave me really bad thrush very high up, which was so unpleasant that I ended up having it removed.

Swimming is really good form of exercise as it uses lots of muscles, has no heavy impact on joints and is great for the heart & lungs. if you can get your bleeding under control then look at doing this with Aqua Aerobics etc

regarding diet, you can still have treats, just be careful of them and look at the Carbs you eat, to many of these comfort foods can quickly lead to weight gain.

Just take it easy hun, don't rush it, get your head right first and the rest will come.

Best of Luck xx


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