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i dont know if anybody can help me, i have suffered with endo for 5 years and last year sadly had to close down my business and claim benefits as the pain had become too bad. I have been told ive got a health assessment on the 17th August to determine whether i am allowed to claim benifits for my illness. I know nothing about the benefit system as i have always worked and am reaching out for help on what rights i have during this assessment. Will there be a specialist in endometriosis there, can i request one. Any advice would be greatly recieved.

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hello, I am so sorry you have had to close your business down due to this awful disease. I would check beforehand if there any experts in this condition as it would be unfair for them to dismiss you due to lack of knowledge. Hopefully you have some medical history to give them and I would also print off this information and hand it to them too! I too am going to approach my GP for help as I have been very poorly and should be out there looking for another contract - I am self employed but since March I have had whooping cough lasting 4 months and a return of severe period pains due to missing periods and irregular ones with the start of menopause. No pain killers are hitting the spot at all. Feeling so grim and in pain is not a good place to be in looking for work so I totally know how you feel

Good luck and let us know how you get on


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