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Pain after lap

Hi all

I had a lap last Wednesday and removed cysts from ovary and endo from pelvic wall and inbetween kidneys and bladder. Before I had the op I had been having constant lower back pain that was really uncomfortable and was told by the surgeon afterwards that as the endo had been near the kidneys this was probably the reason for the pain. The first few days after the lap I was sore and had trapped gas etc which I expected but on Sunday the back pain came back, just the same! Is it that it's just the area healing and it will get better or is it likely they didn't treat the cause of the pain!

Any help or advice would be awesome



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I had such bad back pain about a week after my lap too!

It went after 2 weeks but I have to say it was very uncomfortable.

They reckon it was because with the lap it was difficult to sleep on my side so I had to sleep on my back. So if you're a side sleeper normally that could be why? :)

Speedy recovery!!!


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