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More and more pains - Kidney??- really worried :(

Hi everyone. I had a 'good' day yesterday after 2 weeks of pains which was great:). When me and hubby had sex I had a pain on my left where my kidney would be it was really sharp I also had pain all down left leg. I normally get a deep pain with sex but this was sharp and on the left to the back. I have woke up this morning and my whole side is agony it feels like there is something there and it's agony every time I move. I'm having bloods done on Friday to check for ibs and dr said I can go for a scan on my kidney if this comes back clear. I'm really worried this is something more serious and I'm not getting any checks. I have to wait till September to see gyne again. I just wanted to know if this sounds like it could be related to endo. By the way I haven't been diagnosed with endo yet. Any help/advice would be great


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Endometriosis can most definitely cause painfull sex, as during sex these sensitive areas and/or nodules can get nudged or bumped. Typically kidney pain presents a little higher up on your flank and back (near your ribs). Depending on where you are and what services you have access to I would start with a visit to the GP (go back) and request a urine test and an PELVIC and RENAL ultrasound. These are relatively simple things that can be done while awaiting your gynae appointment which may give you some answers. Pelvic ultrasound should be able to pick up cysts on your ovaries and possiblly deeper lesions of endo (depending on the expertise of the sonographer - ask for an experienced one, and don't be scared to call around and ask if they can look for endo) Good luck.


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