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Mirena coil

Hello. I was fitted with a Mirena coil 3 months ago. The first three periods were lighter but I am now on my fourth, which isn't. The first 3 days were light but I have now had 2 days of extremely heavy bleeding and huge clots. The information leaflet and verbal advice I received both stress that it can take up to 6 months for the Mirena to be effective. However I am wondering, given the initial improvement, whether what I am now experiencing is simply part of the 'bedding in' process or whether this is an indication that Mirena is not going to be the solution for me. Any advice would be gratefully received.

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Hi I am due to have the coil fit soon and this will be a 2nd time of trying. I really struggled last time & persevered for 2 years. The consultant tried to fit one a couple of weeks ago and was unable to do it so I am booked in to have it done under GA. I am willing to try it for the recommended 6 months even if I have problems as at least I can say I gave it a try. My advice would be persevere if you can then at least you have tried & if it gets to a point it is unbearable have it taken out as ultimately it is your body and we know our bodies better than anyone. I hope it settles down for you & works. It seems to work wonders for some of my friends & I hope 2nd time lucky for me :)


I do hope it works for you this time round. I had to have mine put in under anaesthesia, too. But worth it if it does work.

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