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I have been waiting 16 weeks so far for my laproscopy, I have chased my consultant and they have now said it could be another 8 weeks. It states on nhs website you have the right to be seen in 18 weeks. My consultants secretary said its because he is a specialist in endometriosis and laprascopic surgery so I have to wait longer, apparently people are still waiting that was meant to be seen in June. Anybody know where I stand :(? Thanks

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I hate to be the barer of bad news, but I personally had to wait 8 months for my lap. I'm fairly sure that was because of they didn't have enough funding at the time.

I hope it's different for you and you get seen soon :)



sorry to tell you but 16wks isn't that long and in my experience no nhs surgery I've ever had (5 ops different disciplines) has ever been within 18wks.

The only way I got it any quicker was by going private and paying thousands. For my consultant the wait time is a year and getting shirty with them does nothing. They're overstretched and you just have to wait in line.

Soz don't have better news x


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