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Diagnosed... Given choice between mirena coil or ablation/excision

After years of suffering hip, back and pelvic pain, along with bowel issues and various other unexplained aches and pains, I have vinally been diagnosed with endometriosis. My consultant has given me the option of the mirena coil or a laparoscopy to ablate and excise the patches of endo. Just wondering if anyone has any advice or is wilking to share their experience of the mirena coil?

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Would Definatley have it excised this is the best way to get rid of endo , and a laparoscopy is the only way to one hundred percent diagnose, however there is no cure, but also make sure your surgeon is a specialist ,you can have the mirena put in at the same time , or at a later date if you wish , it's supposed to be very good for those women it works for, I'm awaiting it myself. goodluck x


Thanks for the advice, I am leaning more towards surgery as I am already on the combined pill and don't have much of an issue with heavy bleeding so I do not think the Mirena will make a drastic difference. I had a laparoscopy for diagnosis back in April but only had my follow up appointment last week. Good Luck to you tooxx


Hi - ablation just burns the surface of endo and is only effective for very mild shallow disease. Excision cuts it all out so if done skillfully that particular endo can't return. The mirena works locally on your uterus lining so will often give great relief for period problems, but not necessarily for endo. You have symptoms of endo in a place called the Pouch of Douglas which the mirena is unlikely to help with as there are usually adhesions involved that are not due to hormonal changes. The outcome of excision depends entirely on the skill of the surgeon and any work in the rectovaginal area must only be carried out in a dedicated centre. An unskilled general surgeon attempting intricate excision can cause more pain by damaging nerves and causing ongoing adhesions through crude surgery.

Click on my name and look at my post on POD endo and the one on how to find a specialist centre. x


Thanks Lindle, I'll take a look at your post now!x

My consultant showed me 8 pictures of different sites of endo, apparently some of them will only need ablation and some of them will need excision as they are deeper. I will definitely look at the information regarding the specialist centre as although my consultant's special interests are 'minimally invasive surgery and endometriosis' among others, I was sent to two different general surgeons for my diagnostic laparoscopy which makes me nervous of whether I will just be assigned to the next available surgeon instead of my consultant.


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