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Pre-op Transvaginal Ultrasound

I am finally starting the process of getting a lap done for endometriosis. It is my first lap and I am so terrified :( I've been putting it off for a few years now just because I'm scared.. My doc wants to do a transvaginal utrasound before surgery and I'm just really wanting some details on that.. My doc told me it would be fairly uncomfortable.. So, how bad is it really going to hurt with the endometriosis? :( How long does it take? What's the process? I'm a virgin, but have had a couple pelvic exams. Is it worse than those? I'm panicking.

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Hi hun.

I understand your anxiety with having the ultrasound and you laparoscopy.

You are going to be fine hun.

The Transvaginal ultrasound is nothing to worry about hun, it's uncomfortable it shouldn't hurt.

The most uncomfortable part may be that you want you to have a full bladder, it really isn't much more uncomfortable that a internal examination except they may have to push slightly to be able to get a good image but honestly it shouldn't hurt.

As for the laparoscopy hun, I was terrified to I had never had an anesthetic and I was so nervous.

I got myself in such a state, when I really shouldn't have.

You will have some pain after but nowhere near as my as I thought that I was going to be in.

You really need to keep in mind why you are having the laparoscopy, hopefully to relieve your pain hun.

I hope this helps

Jo xx



I just had my lap on Saturday and was really nervous about it. It was totally fine, nowhere near as sore as my periods are ironically! I'm not even having to take paracetamol all the time. Bit sore getting around as the wee cuts are down the middle but I had no need to be worried.

I figured if they weren't nervous doing it, I shouldn't be, also chanting to myself "It's not brain surgery, it's not brain surgery" (Which I think of as worse) helped too!!

I was also worried about the general anaesthetic and how I would feel afterwards. I was sleepy that day but have been up and about just taking it easy at home the last few days.

Hope everything goes well for you,



Hi hun.

I'm glad that your laparoscopy all went well for you and that you are healing well.

Make sure you have plenty of rest though hun, it's good that you are feeling well though hun.

I hope your recovery continues to be good.

Jo xx



Well, I had one three weeks ago, and really was worried, they only told me half an hour beforehand that they would do it, so didn't have long to work myself up, which may have been a plus!

They will place the end of a probe into your vagina, and slowly use it to 'look around'. They place gel on the probe, which is a bit cold. It took about 20 mins, and was not as bad as I thought. No pain, at all. They are quite experienced at it, so just tell them if something is too uncomfortable.

It's common sense that staying relaxed will help, (easier said than done). Try slow deep breathing.

You will be fine, and it will be over before you know it x

My husband came in with me, so take someone close if it helps!


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