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Can anyone explain bowel adhesions?

I'm seeing another doctor today who might listen to me more, that's if I make it through the appointment without sobbing. But I was wondering if anyone could explain how their pain feels with adhesions on the bowel? As that's where my pain is the most now. And just keep being told by doctors that I'm constipated and overlooking all my other symptoms is not good enough.

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Hi, have you confirmed endo? Do you have pain going to the toilet or passing wind? I have lots of adhesions generally and affectingly bowel and rectum. It really was dreadfully painful going to the toilet before my op even without my period. Also I have like a deep grinding 'pulling pain' deep inside my tummy and around my bottom. Also really achy and uncomfortable if I try and kneel or squat. Think they can spot signs of them on MRI scans etc as they can be thick and stick internal organs in funny positions. Know they can be a big source of ongoing pain and hard to treat except for surgery which causes more adhesions! The lovely specialist nurse recommended yoga to see if that helps. Hope that helps a bit. Dont know if you see an endo specialist? I would really recommend it if you can, it made such a difference to have someone that listens and understands and the specialist nurse has been wonderful xx


No I don't have confirmed Endo, I have suspected Endo. Still trying to push the Doctors for a proper diagnosis at the minute, but slowly getting there. Pain going to the toilet yes.

Thanks x


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