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Stage 4 endo, adenomyosis - pregnant!!

Hey ladies,

I know there are a lot of you out there with fertility concerns, so I wanted to write to you to give some reassurance.

After 14 years of symptoms, a doctor first suspected endo with me at. 24, I was then diagnosed with stage 4 endo at 25 and adeno suspected at 27, diagnosed at 29. I took in all the scare tactics from doctors regarding fertility and worrying about it the last six years has been daily! I've undergone so many procedures/treatments it has been such a test.

We came off the pill mid May. We did 2 tests last night and it looks like we are pregnant pretty much straight away!!! Cannot believe it! I know it's early days but I'm considering it a big deal just to get this far and praying everything elsewill go well.

If you're worrying, don't believe the hype so much. We were expecting more years of worry ahead, so the docs aren't always right!

Love and good luck to you all xxx

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Wow,that is great! Best of luck!!!

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Aw that's so lovely to hear hun. Congratulations really pleased to hear that you have had no issues conceiving.

I hope all goes well for you


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Congratulations and good luck with the pregnancy. You are definately right that doctors don't always get it right ☺

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