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Bit of a random one but I've recently got a gym membership and am a bit anxious as to how well I'm going to be able to keep it up what with fatigue/pain and am generally wondering if it was a good idea to get as I don't want to just flake out on it. Does anyone else go to the gym or anything like that and what are your experiences with it and endo? I'd love to know, thank you!

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Hey I go 2 classes piloxing which is Pilates dance and boxing altogether I also run as well just take it easy and ur body will b the best at telling u how hard u can push it!! I hope this helps 😁

Arlene x


Hi I recently joined a gym and have found that I go at least 3x a week. I'm really lazy and soon get bored but I've found that the hour I spend there really helps me to switch off and I'm enjoying it so far x


I find the gym helps. I go to body combat, spin, and get the odd pt session. I also find cutting out bad carbs like wite bread, pasta helps aswell. The only time i really struggle is when i get my period. I can look pregnant (i wish) im so bloated and in pain but i just wear a loose top and take pain killers and try force myself to go. Trying not to let edno control my life and after ive been to the gym i feel much better.

Good luck.


I've found aqua jogging the best for me when I have enough energy is good as the water supports your joints. It's jogging, but just in the water! :) Also, I found a website called endoyoga.com, which is what it says it is :) And it's free.

I've also learnt to give myself a break when I'm in pain or really tired :)

Hope this helps! X


Thank you all so much!


Just to give you a different perspective, exercise, especially high impact, isn't recommended if you have active Endo, are in pain or bleeding, as it is thought that the movement aggravates the organs and encourages adhesions. That isn't to say not to do it, but to listen to your body. If you are in pain, or fatigued, go but do something gentle. I can't do it at all any more but used to use the cross trainer rather than the running machine for example.

As important as it is to not let Endo rule your life, you also need to listen to your body, and if you are in great pain, pushing yourself to exercise can do more harm than good. Endo is a physical condition so I'm afraid mind over matter won't always work.

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Hey I still manage the gym, sometimes I can go up to 6 times a week. I find that it helps with the pain! There is definitely times where I'm not well enough to go but I refuse to let Endo rule my life! Swimming is also great if you're a bit sore xx


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