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Need advice


If anyone has any advice on what's wrong please help

I have endo and have been dealing with it a long time

But my periods have always been red or a little brown

And this week iv notice thick black blood and I have more pain and I also felt sick and disorientated yesterday has anyone had this experience before as I don't no why it's like this as my periods only got heavier when my endo started but have always been the same colour and consistency until now can anyone help ? Thankyou Laura x

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The fact that it's thick and dark suggests it's old blood....

But as to why I'm not to

Sure maybe somebody else could give you an full answer to your question?

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I'm going o see the nurse today anyway as it not something that's happened before


I get that too. It's like treacle at times. I also notice that I don't have much loss on my pad but it all comes out when I sit on the loo. I think that's because it's so thick and gloopy. I just thought that my bleeding had gone like this because of the endo. I wouldn't worry too much. X


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