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Mirena coil for endometriosis

Hi everyone,

I'm due to have my second laparoscopy in 2 weeks for endometriosis, the first time they burnt endometriosis away but it seems to have come back with a vengeance and the pain is terrible.

My gyni has suggested I get the mirena coil fitted this time but I had the mirena coil fitted a few years ago after a miscarriage and it caused me terrible pain so I had it out 2 days later, (they said it wasn't put in properly as I have a tilted womb).

I really dont know what to do as I can't stand this pain any longer and really don't want to be living on pain killers all my life.

I'm only 21 and I can't stand the pain much longer, I just wondered if I could get any advise from people that have been through this.


Mel 🎀

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Personally I would say no if it was me as I haven't know many people who have had good experiences with the mirena including myself I had to stick with horrible side effects for 6 months because the doctors kept telling me it can 6 months to settle but it didn't and I had it out as soon as I could best thing I've done, maybe try a pill I'm on gederal combi pill and it has been working well it makes me feel sick but I can cope with that! Hope this helps and hope you get it sorted soon xxx


I would advise everywoman to avoid the mirena like the plague. I had it fitted November of 2012 and they said I had to give it 6months to start working. When I went back in for help because I was having such bad side effects they kept telling me to give it more and more time but the side effects kept getting worse. It was genuinely horrific and I have not heard 1 good story about it. I'm surprised it's even still available.


Hello lovely!

I haven't had the Mirena coil myself and have heard alot of mixed reviews about it. I have taken birth control pill back to back to avoid having a period at all and it has helped my symptoms.

My other piece of advice is to make sure you are seeing an Endometriosis specialist and not just regular gyne surgeon. Do you know if your gyne is BSGE accredited to treat endo?

I hope you get some relief soon!

Sassy xx


Thankyou for all your quick replies,

I have been on the cerezette pill for a few years now but bleeding is quite bad, my last period lasted 3 months and then caused me anaemia and all sorts then. I can only go on this pill as far as I'm aware as I had a blood clot from a different pill when I was 14, so they need to be careful with what they give me.

I had one gyni that didn't seem she was very interested in me, so I changed to see a different one who is meant to be doing my surgery but he is now sick so it's someone else again.

It's disheartening as I can't get any solid answers from any of the "specialists" that I see.

It doesn't feel like they have any sympathy and really want to help me, as they see it all the time I guess.

That's what it feels like to me anyway.

Thankyou all

Mel 🎀


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