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Aching pain

Hi there just wondering if anyone has this pain I keep getting like a heavy aching pain and shooting pain wen I'm walking and when I sit down and also have intercourse the pain is down at the front and also my lower abdomen. I'm continuing to try loose weight for my next app or they won't perform laparoscopy I'm not sleeping well always so exhausted and no energy at all anyone any advice x

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This sounds a lot like mine. I'm still awaiting my first lap to diagnose (in about 2 1/2 weeks) but the specialist thought it was Endo. My symptoms are massively irregular periods in cycle length, length of actual bleeding and how heavy it is. I also have a lot of random spotting, brown blood (sometimes that's all there is) and prolonged bleeding. Since I have been off the pill to have my kids its just gotten worse and I now have lower back pain particularly in my tailbone, then it feel like its a heavy aching pain that radiates to the inside of my hips and bottom and slightly down my legs as well as right at the front where you would get normal period pain. I also sometimes get the random shooting pain particularly when sat down. I hope things get sorted for you and you can get your lap to start getting treatment. Xx


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