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Is a laparoscopy really needed at this time?

Hi everyone!! I'm debating if I should have a diagnostic laparoscopy done for my suspected endometriosis when most of my symptoms have pretty much disappeared. My ob/gyn switched my birth control from nuva ring to gildess. The pain I experienced was horrible cramping while on nuva ring, especially after having an orgasm. It would take four ibuprofen and sitting in the tub with the detachable shower head with nearly scalding hot water on my stomach and lower back for twenty to thirty minutes to get rid of the pain. But now that I switched, I only occasionally have cramping once or twice a month - nothing that a couple of ibuprofen can't fix. My gyn is adamant that I still have to have surgery this summer before I go back to school in the fall in case my symptoms come back, but its been six months on gildess and everything is fine. And after reading different articles about other complications from nuva ring, I wonder if my pain was caused by that.

I just have been feeling so relieved to finally be pain free and I don't want to have an unnecessary laparoscopy that might not diagnose anything but just cause me pain again and since I'm in the US cost alot of money.

I am a little worried about my fertility if it is indeed endometriosis but my husband and I are in no way, shape, or form ready to have a baby right now - emotionally or financially. We both want to finish school first. I have a few friends that are going through nearly the same thing with having suspected endometriosis but their ob/gyns changed their birth control to get rid of the pain and told them they would only need a laparoscopy if and when they decided they want to try to get pregnant. I know I'm the only one that can make this decision, but I just wanted to get some outside opinions from women who have been in similar situations.

Thank you for all your help!!

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Kit you aren't experiencing symptoms I wouldn't have surgery. Given you've said you're married, and in "school" I'm guessing you're in America so not reliant on the NHS or waiting times. having a lap will create scar tissue, and of course, comes with risks of infection, bleeding etc that could impact on future fertility as well as create pain or discomfort. I always see surgery as a risk vs benefit scenario. If you currently feel that you're not in that much pain, and are able to control any pain you do have, then I'd suggest not having surgery yet, but keep in contact with your Gynae and reassess the situation regularly. If the pain becomes bad then it might be worth the risks for you. Good luck with your decision.

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Thank you so much for your advice! I appreciate it! Yes, I'm in America, so I don't have to be on a waiting list. The mild pain I have is manageable on this new birth control so I think I'm going to wait until I want to try to get pregnant or if the intense pain comes back.


its up to you and the impact it would/ could have on your life. Having it may give you the diagnosis you need or it could settle your mind either way or not having it could be less of an interference. Doctors say that the amount of symptoms you have isnt always reflected in the severity of your case e.g. no symptoms= loads of endo and vice versa.

I am struggling to decide whether to get my laparoscopy rescheduled after it was cancelled but thats because im really scared of vomiting. Really silly i know. Getting it done now could mean that no lasting damage is done as well. Probably (theoretically) better to get it done as with a diagnosis and knowledge of the situation, doctors can help you more. But its how much of an effect it will have on you. Do you get anxious or stressed about it? How much time would you have to take off of work etc.

Hope you come to a decision soon xx

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