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Endo is spreading

Ive been suffering for the last 18 months with endo on right ovary, bowel and left ureter. Although its been painful ive been dealing with it but in the last 2 weeks pain has gone to a whole new level. I was admitted to hospital on Saturday with excruciationg back pain and lower abdominal pain on the left side. CT scan and Ultra sound scan came back clear but since having the US scan today and having a full bladder I am in as much pain now ive been discharged as I was when I went in even though whilst laying in hospital pain had subsided somewhat. Do you think the endo has now spread to the bladder.

Dr has agreed to removing the right ovary, part bowel dissection and scar tissue off ureter but said its a 20 week waiting list although is now going to bump me up as much as he can.

I am crippled at the moment as even lifting my left leg to sit on a chair is unbearable and feel like im going to be bed ridden until operation.

Has anyone got any ideas on what could be going on in my body and any advice on pain relief as nothing no matter how strong seems to help

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