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How soon can you have another lap??

Had a lap just over 12 months ago Iv been really well until about a month ago. Iv started with tummy pains bowel problems cannot eat properly at the moment. My gp has sent me straight back to my endo surgeon but I am waiting for appointment the pain seems to be getting worse day by day and I don't know what to do!!! Can I have another lap so soon?? I know every lap causes more adheasions....

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You can have one as soon as a dr. is willing to do it. But, think of this, you might not have more adhesions. I have had 3 laps done, and only 1 was mentioned of having adhesions. I had my surgeries just barely over a year apart. Although, I wish I could have afforded to have it sooner, because the second one didn't stop the pain.


I was advised to have another lap 4 months after my first. I personally found it too soon so I was booked in for one 8 months later but it ended up being cancelled so I had it nearly a year later than my first one.

Think it depends on how severe you are and what you think is right

Good luck!x


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