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Can you help us to get information?

Hello everybody! We are young couple from Russia/Ukraine. There is no a lot information about endo on russian language so we have decided to ask here.

My wife have endo for about 2,5 years. About a year ago she had lapro. After that we started a course of medications – Duphaston. It worked someway, pain became lower and she felt good. After 6 months we started to try pregant with no result.

Now we use Visanna (and nothing else). We want to try pregant in 1 month after finishing Visanna.

So i have several questions:

1) I read that one medication is less effective then several of them

2) Where i can read about the right strategy to pregant with endo? And the right timing after using medications?

3) Any risks for embryon?

Thank you and sorry for my english )

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Hello, I can't help you very much with endometriosis and fertility but there are places you can look at for more information. The endometriosis.uk website has a number of useful leaflets and there is one about fertility and endometriosis please have a lookhttps://www.endometriosis-uk.org/publications

I have had a consultation with the founder of this organisation and she is a lovely lady endometriosis.co.uk/Biosket... you may find some useful information here.



I had issues getting pregnant after being diagnosed with endo. I had prostrap injections once a month for 6 months. It stopped my periods and put my body into a menopausal state so hot flushes etc. The idea behind it was to starve my endo and shrink my chocolate cysts that were on my ovaries. Once the treatment was finished I was told I would have a window of 6 months before the endo would start to build back up. I got pregnant just on the 6 months and now have a healthy 7 year old.

I hope this maybe of some help and wish you luck.


Thank you for the reply!


Tina, thank you for the links!


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