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Well i'm nearly 8 weeks post op from my 2nd laproscopy. Got told after it i've got a funny shaped womb - bicornate womb. Had an appointment given to me for 2nd jul for hyterscopy to find out what is going on there. Well, i don't have a bicornate womb i've got a unicornate womb. Basically i've got half a womb as my left side of womb didnt form when i was developing. If i get pregnant it means a breech baby and complex pregnancy. Had some good news as this shouldnt stop me getting pregnant. But add to that my endo and fibroids and my age (41) i'm not convinced it'll happen naturally. Has anyone else have these problems?

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Hi Slaccie98, I'm so glad to have found you. I too have been diagnosed with a unicornate uterus. I was in a little shock when i first found out looking for as much info as possible and also someone else who understands. I've just turned 38 in August my husband is 47. I have also found out only my right fallopian tube developed after having a laparoscopy and tubal due they told me my right tube was blocked and I had a little bit of my left womb they would normally remove but going on a previous op it can cause excessive bleeding so he chose to leave it but I had to get my right tube removed. It's now nearly 3weeks since I had it removed. I have an appt with the ivf consultant and of Jan 2016 so hopefully we can try then. If you would like to talk about it is be happy to talk to some one else who understands. I wish you the best of luck. 😊


Thank you. I've been feeling a little shocked with my diagnosis. I have a 13 yr old. During my pregnancy I was having 2 weekly scans and it was never picked up. It was a breech c-section birth as well. I'm making light of my situation so I can cope. I thank my lucky stars for having my child. The relationship I was in at the time of my diagnosis has ended. I felt like he never fully listened to what I've told him about the endo, my difficult pregnancy and what this diagnosis would mean for us having a baby. He thought that saying "the NHS are saying if I want kids I got to dump her and get with someone else"

This all being said as im recovering from the lap, starting gabapentin, starting the endo diet and understanding the diagnosis. Sorry for the rant/story.


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