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Genetics and Endo ... What are my sisters chances?

So I have endo I had it excised, six months ago, I'm 20 , my mother does NOT have endo , my sister who is 19 has told me that she is experiencing symptoms that I was before I was diagnosed, painful sex during and after being the main one and sometimes bleeding afterwards and painful bowel movements, what is the likley hood that she has endo ?

She is due to go to the doctors Monday, we all know how long the process is it might be something completly different, I think I'm being a bit optimistic, if she tells them i have endo will this help her diagnosis progression if endo is the cause?

If anyone could shed some light it would be a great help and if she does obviously needs diagnosis asap . X

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Hi Dollar...

I have read the endo is definitley genetic, saying that I am the only one in my family with and I have 3 sisters.

My mum had a total hyster about 30 years ago, it was due to a huge mass but no one ever said what it was, my guess is in those days they didnt really understand it (mind you don't think they understand it much nowadays)

It will certainly not hurt to let the doctor know, but as you said it could be something else.

Wishing you both all the very best

L xx

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I agree they are pretty usless with endo, thanks for the reply x


Hiya, I have read quite a few research papers on endometriosis and they do mention that there is strong evidence that it is genetic and can be inherited as shown in family and twin studies conducted. They have yet to identify any specific genes though.

You mention that your mother does not have it, there are a number of other conditions that have similar symptoms for example women with fibroids depending on where they are located and the size. She should definantly mention it but I don't think it would speed up her treatment, it may help them write off other possible diagnoses quicker.

It seems to run in my family. My mum, one of my older sisters and me have all had problems with fibroids, my endo was first seen when I had fibroids removed. My mum and my sister have endo symptoms very similar to mine as well but neither of them has investigated this further and I strongly suspect they also have endometriosis. I have another sister who is pain free and has no problems whatsoever, she's the lucky one ha ha


Yes my mother hasn't had any problems , no other family members have it first cousins ect. Very coincidental , I'd hate her to have to wait as long as I did for treatment if it is endo lol wish I was the lucky one :( :) x


I think she should definitely tell the doctor about you having endo. It should speed things up and will make the doctors listen. As we all know how we get fobbed off with things like "it's just period pains".

In my family on my mums side all the women have endo. So my mum, my auntie, my cousin. All of them have had a hysterectomy. So I strongly believe it runs in families.

I really hope your sister gets to the bottom of her pain and discomfort. let us know how she gets on x

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Yes I told her do not let them pass her off we all know the story , IBS , bla bla bla, scans blood the usual nothing , I'm hoping she doesn't have it but will support her fully and push for full investigation with her x


I am an identical twin and my sister does not have endo.


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