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Hello girls, I joined yesterday. My story so far... I am almost 45 had my large bowel removed at 29 it was all twisted and I had a cancerous tumour which thankfully was caught before it had spread... I would have had 3 years if it had been further on.my pain started soon after op finally diagnosed with adhesions years later, always had period problems and pain. 5 years ago I started on the decapectyl injection monthly injections, was also meant to get hrt but didn't. The pain went away so I got my left ovary removed it was stuck firmly to my far left hand side. Pain continued soon after the op adhesions were back had surgery 2years ago to cut through adhesions and was informed I also had endometriosis. It all made sense further surgery is too high risk so I am back on injections hrt hasn't agreed with me bleeding for weeks. But I need something to protect my bones so I am on the combined pill.... So far so good. I have also revised my diet I am wheat &dairy intolerant and have decided to try eating only easy digested food and Est little but often it has helped with the remaining pain. And I can only encourage any of you who have bowel pain to try altering your diet... We are what we eat.

All of this and I have a full time job.... Self employed too so days off are not an option but I would say it has kept me going when times have been hard. But totally empathise with those of you who cannot work.

My message to you all would be this I thought there was no light at the end of the tunnel but for me it looks like it is finally in sight, fingers crossed.we all know our own body so fight for what you want to try to help you. and remember you are not alone. X

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Hallo there sunshine!

you have my greatest admiration for your courage and attitude but I am writing to say that you have pointed out two of the most important things needed for recovery and healing and that is attitude of mind and diet. As a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, I have learned this to be true throughout my practice and my own situation too. We really are what we eat and should do everything in our power to find out what our bodies need and eliminate what we dont need. It isn't easy, god knows I've strugggled over the cream cakes, caffeine and bread! However, most of the time I stick to what my body needs and the rewards are great, as you are finding out for yourself. There is ALWAYS an alternative healthy option to anything that is not good for us, you just have to be patient and experimental to find it but when you do, your body will thank you, I promise. (For example. most gluten free desserts and buiscuits tast almost better than the normal stuff!)

The most important thing is visualisation and belief that things will get better, day by day and if you practise this mantra, it will begin to change your life and your health too.

Of course, it isn't easy and things happen to us that can seem unfair and insurmountable too but we can improve things so that they are easier to live with.

I have post polio syndrome and Graves disease and became very ill until they were both diagnosed. Once I knew what I had, I learned all I could about my illnesses and slowly changed my lifestyle in many ways. since then, I have a relatively pain free life and have probably prevented myself from becoming completely crippled, which was beginning to happen because I didnt know what was wrong with me.

Take care of yourself, (and everyone else out there too)



Hi thank you for your kind words. I has not been an easy road and I have had plenty of ups and downs, but all is good just now and hopefully that will continue. Alternative therapies or diets are all worth trying for sure. I am pleased to hear you too have found relief from your pain. Pain every day certainly brings you down. Hope it continues for you. Thanks for getting in touch.



I agree. Diet has made a massive difference and the minute I eat something 'bad' my stomach is gurgling, I get really bad wind and constipation. It's amazing how much less pain I am in when eating well.


I know you would think doctors would realise this and inform their patients. I would say most doctors want to help with a quick drug solution which is not always the best for every patient.

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