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Abnormal blood count

Hi everyone, I have stage for endo and I'm 26. The reason I am posting today is because last week I went for a blood test and the results are back in and apparently there is an issue with my blood count (which I was told by receptionist) she told me to make an appointment so now I'm worried as I haven't been told before to make an appointment. Does this mean it is something bad? Has anyone else been told they need to make an appointment to get results? If anyone could let me know if they have had a similar problem it would be good to hear your experience. I'm pretty worried right now and have to wait till Friday for doctors appointment and even then that is just telephone conversation. X

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I've had simiar for a urine test (had blood in it but I already knew that). It can be worrying but the receptionists are generally not told what the issue is and are not allowed to say.

It's hard but I would try not to worry. Could be something as simple as signs of an infection in your blood test and they want to see you to give antibiotics.

If your really worried call tomorrow and ask to speak to gp on the phone?




I wouldn't worry too much I'm waiting to have my lap and my blood have come back abnormal. It showing the white bloods as being high so they think it's because of inflammation in my pelvis due to the pain. It could be something similar. I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry too much :) x


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