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Depression episodes - Endo

Hi, I am new to this site.

I have recently had laparoscopy and been diagnosed finally.

For years I have experienced the symptoms of endo mainly the pain and chronic exhaustion. Depression is something I've also dealt with for a lot of my life, going through major depression since being diagnosed but what I'm now wondering is its connection with endo? Do any of you ladies experience depression and what are your views about depression caused by endo?

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Hi Amber,

I believe many people with endo including myself battle depression and other neurological symptoms. I had never really connected the 2 but after following this site have found that it makes a lot of sense that they are. Lindle posted a particularly interesting article a few months ago entitled 'An insight into endometriosis and its many symptoms'. It's worth having a look and seeing whether you can relate. I replied to her post (although there are a lot of replies and mine is quite far down!) that you could have a read of as it explains the many symptoms that I have struggled with for many years that I now believe are part and parcel of endo. I hope this helps and you can get the support you need. I am happy to talk if ever you wanted any more advice. x


Thank you for your reply, i have read Lindles post and yours aswell. It's sounds bad but it's nice to read that you experience things just like I do, it's nice to know I'm not alone. This disease makes me feel I'm alone as no one close to me understands the full extent of how I feel.

For years I have been made to feel like a hypercondriac to the point where I have questioned whether my anxiety/depression and panic were affecting my mental state that much that I was imagining all these symptoms. Getting diagnosed was a weird relief and made me feel happy for about three days but then it sunk in that I'm stuck with this forever, there's nothing I can do to make myself better and I now have to fight to get the correct treatment, depression has kicked in good and proper 😔


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