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Abdominal Pain

I have been suffering with abdominal aches and cramps for a few months now. These come along with other symptoms like nausea, tiredness, lack of concentration, diarrhoea... I was in hospital overnight around a month ago with it, had an ultrasound and they suggested that it may be a dermoid cyst. Since then i have had an MRI on my abdomen and on my pelvis but my appointment with the results isn't for another month. Last night I went out and had a couple of large glasses of wine - normally this wouldn't really affect me however as soon as i got home I became light headed and was throwing up and this continued throughout the night. I am still very nauseous this morning and have never felt this bad after a night out, especially after only 2 glasses. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what this may be or if it could have caused my problems last night?

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Hi - can you click on my name and read my first post on endo and its many symptoms. I think you will identify with a lot of them. You are at the beginning of the process and are in a position to be treated properly from the start. Have a look at the post on how to find a specialist. x


Hi - thank you so much for the response - you're posts are really helpful and informative. I now have an appointment scheduled for early August and am going to look into seeing a specialist :) x

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