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Confused by endo & IVF

So I've been on the monthly depo injections for almost 10 months and my quality of life has improved drastically (although I never had it as bad as others anyway), however I've been told by my consultant that my injection in May was my last (as hopefully going to start IVF soon) so two questions -

1) I know it can take awhile for my periods to return but did anyone get any period like symptoms just before the next injection - my injection was the 29th May and I was due another one on the 26th June but had some period like symptoms today - bit of back pain, slight cramping (nothing compared to normal) and some spotting (barely any but when I wipe (too much info I know) it is a little pink). Is this my period?

2) this leads into my second question, do u have to have a period before u can start IVF? I am under two hospitals - one to treat my endo and the other for IVF. The endo hospital said after I had my lap in March that i could just go from my depo injections straight into IVF with no gap but the IVF hospital said I have to have my period hence stopping the injections.

I am supposed to start IVF on my first period but was expecting to have to wait awhile before it arrived.

I've had such a great 10 months on these injections so a bit worried about my period returning even though I am excited that we are finally heading down what appears to be the right path. I am assuming that first period is pretty bad and I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with the period pain and IVF all at the same time.

Some advice would be gratefully received! xx

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When I was on the depo it took a few months for things to get back to normal, I had spotting then nothing and then I bled for months all the time but I was on the 3 month one so it may be different and I'm sure that everyone is different. What you describe sounds like how my spotting was . I unfortunately did feel pain after only a couple months on it

When we went for IVF they needed various tests done during my cycle so I had to have a full period , they then put me on the pill on day 1 of a bleed to control my cycle, a breakthrough bleed once it was stopped after 30 days and then down regulation . But I know that protocol is very different depending on your circumstances and how the ivf clinic inter to treat you so it could be very different (sorry not much help I know!) can you give them a bell and chat to them? Our clinic were fantastic and the nurses very helpful


Hi, I am due to start Ivf in July and I am not having my periods at the moment due to prostap injection. In my case I was able to do all the investigations and I will start treatment before my cycles go back to normal. I guess it will depend on your clinic and your particular case. I also thought that o will have to wait for my periods to come back to go trough all the tests but I call and explained and I was able to start before and glad I could as it has been 3 months since I stopped Prostap and still no period. Good luck x


Thanks for your replies ladies. I had my IVF appointment the other day, the one where they go through all the forms and talk through the process. I definitely have to wait for my period although the nurse did say if it still hasn't made an appearance in a month or so they may do a scan - not sure what that will show.

I appear to be on the long protocol when I do eventually start - not sure what the difference is between the long and short protocol.

It's all so daunting and complicated so kinda hoping my period doesn't arrive straight away so I can get my head around it all. You have to do all these things at the right time so I'm finding it a bit scary that if it doesn't work it might be because I didn't do it right. but then again would also like to start as it's been a long time coming.

Can I ask how you both will juggle work when you're doing IVF? My boss wants to have a chat with me so we have an idea how it will work when I start but not sure what to say as not sure how I'm going to feel. I work full time at the moment in an office so wonder whether I should go part time during IVF xx


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