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Pain when crossing legs??

Hi. Does anyone have pain pulling when crossing legs.

When I sit on floor I can't seem to cross my legs without a pulling pain between my left hip and thigh and down my leg. This has happened for a long time and only happens at certain times of my cycle and only on my left. It feels a bit like ovary pulling pain and goes all down leg. It's so annoying not being able to sit on floor to play with my son. Does anyone else have this with endo??

Claire xxx

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hi, I am sorry to hear you can't play with son due to this pain. I to can not sit cross legged anywhere as I get a pain on my left side and hip. My bowel is stuck to my uterus on that side, i can also get some right side pain proberly due to the cyst on that side.

If it happens at certain points in your cycle, try noting it in a diary to see if it's when you ovulate or if you are just coming up to or out of your period. :)

If you are concerned visit your gp .xx


Hi thanks for your advice. I'm in the process of getting checked (lap) and having so many problems. I was just curious if the crossing leg problem is to do with endo as I have had this a long time. I just have so much trouble sitting on the floor in any position it's painful.



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