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Bit confused

Hi, I hope someone can help me.

I had a chocolate cyst removed in oct 14, 10cm bugger. On a 6 week follow up scan I was told i had a 5cm endometrioma "which may represent a small haemorrhagic cyst".

Question is, is this endometrioma the same a chocolate cyst??? I was rescanned 3 days ago and they found a 5 cm cyst on the same side.

Ultrasound lady very nice and is recommending i go straight back to gynea as I am also having pain on my left side very low down where my sigmoid colon is attached to my uterus!

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Hi - no a haemorrhagic cyst is not the same. When a follicle releases an egg a structure called a corpus lutuem is left behind that should be broken down if a pregnancy doesn't occur but sometimes this can remain and become cystic. Blood vessels within it can rupture and it becomes a haemorragic cyst. These should go away on their own after two cycles or so. So as you appear to still have it, it sounds like another endometrioma which is not surprising as you had one already.

Regarding the left sided pain and known involvement of your bowel, I strongly suggest you request a referral to an endo centre where this sort of endo should be dealt with. Click on my name and look at my post on Pouch of Douglas endo to see what you identify with and the one on how to find a specialist. x

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hi Lindle,

thank you for the reply and i shall read you post on POD in full.

Does it make any difference that I was on zoladex for 3 months post surgery and this cyst was present 6 weeks after surgery? though this one they found may be a new one if the other burst (Which may be poss?)

Many thanks :)


Hi again - you don't actually say what sort of cyst this latest one is so it's difficult to know how and when it arose or if it's the same one to be honest. In theory you shouldn't have either sort develop on zoladex if you weren't ovulating and having periods but you would have had a cycle right at the beginning of taking it and if your cycles have returned since stopping then I suppose they could be separate ones. You should have known about it if one ruptured but as you will need further investigations into the pains you are having they will hopefully deal with this too if it is another endometrioma. x


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