Returning to work after diagnosis

I got diagnosed with endo 3 weeks ago and have just had my first injection a week ago. I am due to go back to work tomorrow after being on the sick from constant groin pain since sept last yr. The injection hasn't really started working yet but I'm having to go back to work so I don't get made redundant, which is what they said would happen soon if I don't go back. I was just wondering if anyone has got any advice please on how to cope with going back to work, my job involves being on my feet all the time which is when I get the most pain. I am so nervous and scared I'm not going to be able to cope. Any advice at all would be really helpful

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  • Hi there

    Sorry for your troubles..

    Are you on zoladex. And are you bleeding...

    I had to stop work and school. Because of pain. So no advice there. Just want to know more about the injection...

  • Is there antsy chance you could go back on reduced hours or some alteration to your work if only for a short time .Endo can be hard enough to deal without that pressure as well .

  • SarahAlex I am having the zoladex injection but I haven't had any bleeding.

    Thank you marblesky I never really thought about doing reduced hours, it feels like at the moment I am having to put everything on hold such as work and stuff but I just want to try and get back to normal now x

  • If you have been off that long then a phased return to work seems logical and fairer.

  • Hi I am due for a work meeting tomorrow too after being off since December. I don't have endo but adhesions but I have had similar pain and a lap to remove which has gotten rid of pelvic pain but I still have abdominal pain. I'm a teacher and with support of my gp I have emailed work and asked for reduces hours and desk based work due to the pain I experience walking and standing for long amounts of time, the gp recommended 4 weeks but I feel this May have to be extended until further treatment resolves the pain. I don't know how happy they are about that, but from what I've read They have to help me return to work by temporarily reducing hours/providing alternative work I can do/adjustments. I have also asked for a referral to occupational health to help me get back to teaching duties. I hope I am covered by the equality act which will provide me with more rights at work as this affects me day to day and the consultant said I'd always experience some pain.

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