After my operation

Three and a half weeks ago I had a laparoscopy to remove endometriosis from my ovary and Fallopian tube. During the op the coil was also fitted to reduce further risk. Since my op, I have bled constantly sometime quite heavy and still have pain. The hospital gave me no information as to what to expect after the op so I dont know if this is normal. Has anybody else had this op and how was your recovery? I am 18 years old and need some advice. Thank you.

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  • The coil can take time to settle. Mine took 3 months with pain & bleeding most days. The first period was the worst. It's early days for you so try to persevere

  • Im going for the same op, dr only told me that I will be sore for a few weeks afterwards and gave me a week off at work.

  • The coil took about 4.5 months to fully settle in my case. The first couple of months were quite bad with heavy bleeding, cramping and so on.

    The actual lap - 2 to 6 weeks recovery seems average. A few ladies bounce back very quickly and others take a bit longer depending upon what's been done and their overall state of health.

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