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At the end of my teather, confused, is it endo!

Hi ladies I have had ultrasound scan and transvaginal scan on same day, I had small cyst on my right fallopian tube and a small fibriod on my womb everything else was ok, bit couldn't see my left fallopian tube on both scans, my pain is around my periods and while im mensrating and calms down after but doesn't go away, I cant kerp having ct and mri and blood tests and scans, and nothing showing up and being told its memory pain, memory pain my a***, I have had enough and cantk keep going through the same thing over and over, ive had 5/6 laps and endo has only been abcent once, I need I miricle, my gynae is s*** and is not helpful at all I have become so desperate at times ive thought of doing some terrible things, I need help!


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