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Bloody stools!



I'm currently having my first period since my laparoscopy in April, i then had a second one on the 26th of may (appendix removal). I'm experiencing heavy bleeding and a lot of clotting. I'm also experiencing bloody and lose stools. I have always had clotting from my bottom when I've wiped during my period but never had it where my stools are actually red. Can anyone relate? I have been told I don't have endo, but i'm looking at getting a second opinion because i have absolutely shocking pain before, during and after my period, heavy and irregular periods along with now bloody stools!!! If anyone has any advice, i'd be eternally greatful.

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What colour is the blood? If it's red then it's likely to be fresh blood and maybe the result of an internal pile or fisture. If it's brown blood then it's higher up your digestional track and could be a sign of an internal bleed. I had a lot of bright red bleeding from rectum after a lap which filled the toilet when I passed a stool. Got it checked out and I had internal piles had bled because I had been constipated from the anesthetic.

Either way, it's not normal to bleed from your rectum so I would get it checked out asap especially seeing as u have not long had an op x


Hi I had the same - it would be 20% clotty-blood-period & the rest normal. Furthermore - Id get dots of bright regular body-blood too.

I have endo. Took 2 surgeries for me to be informed of that - prior I was told ibs & steered toward "talking therapies" - so keep pushing and/or, know you are the expert on your own body. And if something's not right - YOU know. So keep going.

I would also get confined to the bathroom for hours either not being able to go or going to-much. Every time Id go out with friend or whatever the first thing Id check is where is the nearest loo was. It's awfully stressful. I go little piles too - which I was mortified about. As I thought it only happend in pregnancy or if you were over 80, silly me. I cancelled many socials because of it all - I completely emphasise - I'm so sorry for you.

My Endo- in bowel - symptoms have dramatically reduced since I've been on:

Pukka aloe Vera juice 1/4 cup every day

& lamberts l-glutamine powder -veggie version. Every night on an empty tum ( both from Amazon)

Don't drink & eat at the same time - leave 30 mins before you drink

Don't eat after 7pm - if you must eat soft fruit/soup - something easy to digest. ( this is tough but your body gets used to it)

And pop a mini foot-stand/box to rest your feet on whilst your on the lav. So your knees bend & go higher/ level with your hips. your sort of squating but sat on the loo. You'll release easier & more - this will help. I'd tell your drs too - can't recall if you'd said you did - but just to get it on record and to get further checks. Just to be sure it's not anything else. Epsom salt baths helped me too - I used to get so nervous about it all & it's never easy to talk about is it. Try the above & I wish all the wellness in the world - right now. Have faith you can help you x


I've been bleeding from my bum for over 10 years and they still tell me it's IBS but I won't stop fighting until I get a proper diagnosis because it's not right and the agony I am in every time I open my bowels is horrible :( really hope it gets better for you but nice to know neither of us are alone x

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