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Advise please

Hi ladies,

I had my lap 4.5 weeks ago and no endo but consultant did think adeno as my womb was bulky and when i had previously had an internal exam it was excruciating. I declined the mirena as the only symptom I don't seem to have is heavy bleeding. I am how taking 3 packs of combined pills back to back. After recovering from the op I did thin that maybe the rummaging around had helped all my symptoms. But nope that was short lived. As the consultant said I had a bulky bowel and that could cause my symptoms and to look at diet and antispasmodics. So as I also have IBS and wheat is a big trigger in the past, I've cut this out massively, reduced dairy and sugar. I now take an antispasmodic, probotics and I've even started doing some exercise this week.

Had 2 nights recently where my back pain was horrendous and this last week I've noticed my muscles in legs and arms/shoulders/neck are aching like pre lap. Mid week this week I had a tiny bit of spotting. Thought maybe it was a result of sex the previous night (1st time since lap). Bad night sleep which again I thought was a result of my symptoms flaring up due to the sex. Yesterday wasn't great and another poor nights sleep and pains as aches today. Again noticed some spotting and then later this morning I noticed more bleeding. I have now made sure I am using tampons and panty liners. Now could this be due to the sex or bleeding outside of my normal times? I started my 3rd pack of pills last night and I have only normally taken 2 packs one after other. Have had tender breasts this week so all kind of points to my period. I have been on this pill since I was 16 and I'm nearly 39. Breaks to have the 3 children but been back on pill for past 4 years. I have never had any bleeding whilst on this pill unless I am on my 7 day break.

Am I now getting the bleeding at times outside my period that is very common with endo and adeno. If it is indeed my period then that explains why I have my additional pains again, in lower back, pelvis, hips, muscles, public area and pressure there.

Next steps is to go back to dr. Probably going to have to try mirena but not keen as when on mini pill before I had constant bleeding in end.

The diet changes and probotics etc have helped in a small way with bloating and digestion etc but no real change to my main pains. Been doing it for 4 weeks now so shows that consultant just wants to blame my IBS really.

If my dr wants to refer me again then I shall be asking for it to be to an accredited centre whichever nearest is London.

Sorry need to write it all down as unfortunately although I have support no one really gets it like those on here for suffer the same.

Lisa x

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I am still bleeding so I'm assuming that this is my period. Day 3 of pack 3, so guessing the pill is no longer stopping the bleeding, as in the past 20+ yrs that I've taken the pill on and off, I have never bleed except for 7 day break. Not as much as normally when I usually have my period but enough to need sanitary products. Have pains galore in stomach, pubic area, pelvis, hips, back, legs, muscles and my palpitations are more noticeable again. So if I was in doubt then this does prove cycle linked and probably the adeno. Hoping the bleeding stops soon, and then I would expect another bleed when I finish this pill pack.

Gonna need a dr appt soon with dr that originally referred me and see what she can suggest. Guessing coil. Also going to need more effective pain relief.

Off to bed soon with my heat pad. X


An update.

I have been to see my dr and he doesn't want to put me on any other aggressive hormone treatments as I don't have endo. Didn't push the coil either as I explained the consultant wanted me to have it for adeno but I've reacted to mini pill before. He's happy for me to continue with tri cycling the pill. Dr thinks like consultant that it's my bowel and IBS causing all the pains, mainly due to bulky bowel at lap. So although I'm continuing with diet changes, probotics etc he has told me to take fibogel twice a day for a month to help make bowel less bulky. Think he's hoping that it will then reduce my pains. Will see.

Today I have more bleeding. So had a break of about 3 days since the spotting stopped. Not sure if it's cos taking 3 packs or not. Due week break at end of this pack (2 weeks to go) and will then do another 3 pack cycle and see if same happens in terms of bleeding. If so then will just do 2 packs as I have never had problems doing that.

My dr said that the consultant suspects adeno from report sent.

My homeopath says it's hormonal but unless I yet these things the dr isn't going to consider anything else as lap showed no endo and only suspected adeno.

Guess in a month I will see if there's any difference or not.

Really hoping that this whole mid cycle bleeding thing is maybe just a blip. I was more than half way through the first pill pack at my lap, so guessing it could be down to my body getting back to normal after lap. Trying 3 packs again will show if it was a one off though.



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