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Feeling so low and fed up

I am 3 and a half weeks post op from a posterior/anterior/vaginal vault prolapse repair along with a perineum repair and sacrifice spinous fixation.....I also have had a post op infection. Have struggled for years with one thing after another related with endo and this latest op was to fix the problems that arose after a vaginal hysterectomy and cervix removal when I was 29 in 2007 and a vaginal vault dissection to remove endo in 2013.

I'm finding this recovery really very hard and a lot more difficult than I was expecting.

It isn't helped by the fact that certain family members have been talking about me behind my back saying that I should be up and back to normal by now and that im milking it for all its worth, amongst other things!! Yet to my face they're telling me to take it easy!! Also doesn't help that my sister has a young baby who (naturally)the whole family are all besotted by (me included) and my dad keeps on (intentionally or unintentionally) that at least my sister can still give him grandchildren.....this hurts dreadfully as I desperately wanted more children but almost died having my son when I was 19 and was strongly advised against falling pregnant ever again. I thank my lucky stars every day for the son I have but feel the comments around my sister still being fertile and able to have children really upsetting.

I feel so guilty that I have had to take so much time off work due to this op as I'm the bread winner in the family and feel so guilty that my husband is having to look after everything and me !!

Sorry to ramble on but fear that if I don't I'm gonna sit here and get myself even more upset.

Thanks for listening x

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Sorry you're feeling so crappy right now💐💐

Hey, you didn't ask for these problems with your health- this isn't your fault!

And how would ANYBODY else know when you "should" be up and about after this surgery?? Your family haven't had this surgery so they've no idea!!

I'm a strong believer that life is too short to spend it with people who drag you down. Try to focus on yourself and not think about what other people are thinking or saying-it only wastes your energy and right now you need all your energy to recover😊

I hope you start to feel better soon

Katy x


Hi boogalooa

Thank you for your reply I'm trying really hard not to let it get me down and concentrate on getting better but finding it easier said than done at times!!

If it was down to my dad I would probably be back at work by now......his partners a midwife and 'knows' all about the recovery process (allegedly). I just nod and agree....easier than disagreeing!!

Thanks again


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