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Lacospy date and thanks

So finally got my date through for lacopsy. (However you spell it!)

Thankyou all for your help over the last few months with advice.

Just a few more as I'm extremely nervous as haven't had anything like this done before..

Doc has given me a month off from yesterday again and op is 2 weeks. How did people heal and how long did it take to get back on your feet.

Also iv been suffering every single day since I went in hopsital. Just concerned that apo the pain with endo is only ment to come and go according to my consultant. Where as mines everyday. Does anyone else suffer with pain everyday? Hoping it's not endo but then I am on a way as I know what it is then. And cab finally move forward instead of what ifs.

I'm scared! X

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Hello lovely! WhOooP WhOoP to getting your date! I waited on the wait list at the endo centre near me which on has one consultant for nearly a year before being transferred to another center with 4 consultants and finally getting a date! I am 4 weeks post op now and doing very well! My first lap in 2010 for diagnostic purposes I needed about 2 weeks recovery. This time it was for removal of endo I was feeling pretty good after 2 weeks this time but I was really, really tired after doing anything at all. I'm still working on building up my stamina. For me the pain was very bearable afterwards as well and I was surprised because i was picturing I would be in dire pain afterwards. After a few days it was just more of a discomfort. My main tip is to keep on top of your pain meds especially in the first 2 weeks and take them regularly to stay ahead of any pain that might be coming on. You will do fine and it will be the first step in moving forward!


Everybody is different you just need to listen to your body and take one day at a time ...

Don't be worrying about the 1 month thing as they can always issue another one.

You and only you will know when you feel ready to return to work,

So just take it easy oh and make sure you take peppermint tea bags to hospital with you for after op to move the gas as that was the worst bit for me ...

I'm currently 4 days post op and feeling really positive for the 1st time in years. Xx

Endo hugs yazza. X


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