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Finally got into a endometrosis clinic

Hello ladies.. I'm so pleased to say.. I have got into a endometrosis clinic out here in Vancouver, British Columbia. I've been suffering with endometrosis for 4 years and finally got diagnosed this year 2015, April 10th.. I come to this site it gives me some what comfort knowing I'm not the only one in chronic pain.. I pray everyone gets help.. I'm praying they help me!!!! I believe I have sciatic endometrosis I get pain from my toe to my hip and this may seem werid but I have very bad pain in my back on the upper left side it's all on my left side and I feel like it's spread it might be just me it's so hard fighting and to keep going with all this chronic pain and I pray everyone gets help..

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Great news onwards and upwards that's a notch on your bed post...it's a great feeling to finally on the way to getting some answers....I know it's often scary not knowing what the hell is wrong with you....but crazy as it sounds for me it was a relief....not happy with my diagnosis made me quite sad but hopefully there may be a time that I get to see the light at the end of the tunnel....this is an amazing group and wonderful supportive people who will follow your journey and try and help as much as they can us


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