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endo surgery

Hi, I have just had surgery to remove Endo! I have always had heavy periods it took years before the GP gave me a drug that would control the pain. They planned to remove the Endo but instead they drained them. They have found some spots stuck to my bowel which they suspect is also Endo. They took biopsy and I am waiting for results. I was in hospital over night, the consultant and nursing staff were Fantastic! I was told I was low risk in pre op as a year ago I was size 20 now size 16 and try and keep as active as I can through activity sheffield! This is all new to me and I am going to access Sheffield support group. I HOPE the biopsy is ok and they dont have to do bowel surgery. I know I need support. Reading some of the blogs I have come across alot of women suffer with pain, I do stretching exercises every day I feel this helps loads. Eating Tomatoas and broccoli is great for when you are loosing alot of blood to top up your iron levels!

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