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Help/advice please!!!!

Today I had my lap and when I woke up they told me they had found no endo and my ovary was not stuck and nothing else seemed to be wrong.

I'm so confused and frustrated! I'm in pain when I have my period and when I have sex. I have spotted during my period and also have very bad shooting pains up my bum around and during the time of my period. As a result of this I had a series of scans which had shown that my right ovary was not moving freely and appeared to be stuck to my uterus. I was referred to a gyne specialist who conducted a scan himself and confirmed the finding and diagnosed me with endo as a result of the adhesions. He also explained it could has gone to my bowel and I may need two ops to correct everything and maybe a bag as a result of it being on my bowel.

So with the confirmation and diagnoses of finally knowing what was wrong to go through an op and be told I was fine and clear is so annoying as I know something is wrong and I don't understand how my ovary can not move as freely as shown on a scan and be stuck down to my utuerus and then all of a sudden nothing come up!

Has anyone got any advice? Or been in the same position? I am so drained and sore from the op this is just not helping! My follow up is within 6 weeks but my mum thinks I should get a second opinion as I don't get how they could have got it so wrong?! Help!!!

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I haven't been through what you have as my endo was confirmed fairly quickly. But my mum had 5 laparoscopies before her endo was finely spotted.

If you are in pain I would keep pestering your doctor or see another. Every month during my bleed when I was in pain I would go into A&E.

I really hope you get to the bottom of this.


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