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Hi all, I went to the toilet early hours Sunday and noticed some blood on my knickers, since then it got gradually worse (no where near like a period) but I had to use a sanitary towel, then I wouldn't bleed onto it, take it off but every time I wipe there is blood sometimes little clots in toilet as well, this morning I have had to put another on, I'm in pain in my left groin area (nothing new) I'm on the depo injection and haven't had a period for about a year, my next depo is due 29th June, I will be ringing my Dr in the morning but I just wondered if anyone else experiences this, I must admit it has worried me, we are going on holiday 30th June to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary and don't want anything to spoil it.


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Hi, Iv been taking the pill back to back for about 7 months now, and I'm currently in the 7th week of bleeding now!! Really getting on my nerves! I'm waiting for my referal to a BSGE specialist, appointment still hasn't come through though 😭 and I'm reluctant to speak to my dr or gyne because they really didn't seem very knowledgable regarding endo! Good luck with the Dr x


Good luck to you too hun. X


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