Endo on bowel.. or something else?

Hello! I know that endo on the bowel is not something unheard of nor is it pleasant, and I'm not sure what's going on. I had my 3rd lap in May and after years of pain, having had endo for nearly 10 years, the gynae said she found nothing endo related in there. This confused me but knowing nothing is there settled my pain a bit... but she did tell me she found a small lump on my bowel. This terrifies me as it isn't endometriosis, she would have removed it surely? So what could it be?? I'm frightened and having panick attacks now, fretting over what if's and oh no's... Any ladies had a similar experience??

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  • Hi - please try not to worry as your GP would have contacted you if it was something to worry about. This lap has probably been done by general gynaecology and unfortunately they don't always identify or rule out endo correctly. There are hidden areas that are often missed. She should have taken photos at the lap (but I suspect probably won't have) and will send a report to your GP. She will have to be more specific in the report as to what this is so the first thing I would do is obtain a copy from your GP practice. There may be a small charge but not a lot. The next thing I think will be relevant is what was found and done at your previous two laps so I should ask for copies of all three reports so as to build up a picture of what has been going on in your pelvis. The chances are that any endo will have just been ablated (burned on the surface) and so if you had endo on your bowel then it is likely you still do. What symptoms do you have and are they at all times of the month and on one side more than the other? x

  • Hi! I never had endo on my bowel before, well that's what previous lap showed, or perhaps I had and I was too zoned out by the anaesthesia to remember exactly what they said to me. Yea, I'll ask about the previous results I think... and yes I had it burnt off and pain relief given before, though there was nothing this time around. I see the gynae in the week for a follow up and hopefully I'll get answers. My symptoms appear when the period is due, only one sided and where the lump is situated. I have no blood with bowel movements... I just started to panic and freak out by over worrying but thank you for the advice, I'll definitely ask for previous results and see what happens when I see the gynae. Hoping it's nothing I need to worry over.

  • Hi - which side is it?

  • The left side, and a dull ache most of the time even when a period isn't due. I do get pain on the right but not often.

  • Hi - the reason I asked is that it is usually the left affected when endo spreads to the bowel area. Get the copies of all the operative results from all the laps from the gynae and ask if you have ever had endo found in the Pouch of Douglas, which is a hidden place often missed by general gynaecologists and is where bowel endo usually originates. Click on my name and have a look at my post on POD endo so you can show them that you know what you are talking about and won't be fobbed off. If your symptoms continue you can get a referral to an endo specialist. Have a look at my post on that too. x

  • Thank you! I will have a look. Really appreciate you words!

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