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Great gynae visit-advice needed!

Ok, so after months of waiting I had my gynaecologist appointment and it was great. I went in ready to fight my case. I had handfuls of leaflets, lists of symptoms, a diary of everything I've been through....and I never even took it out of my bag! She asked a brief description of what my issues were, asked a few questions and within 10minutes said "well it sounds like Endo. We can either try you on some different treatments now which I won't recommend or I can put your name on the list for a laparoscopy so we can see what we're dealing with and treat it properly at the cause rather than just trying to mask the symptoms"

I'm really pleased it was so easy to progress them looking into this but I must admit I'm a bit nervous to be put under :s

She did say if they find anything while their in there she wont cut it out then and there because she'd prefer to ensure I'm given the options etc before she proceeds. As I'm only just going back to work after a years maternity and I have 2 small children to look after I'm happy with that because I would need to plan ahead if there's any additional recovery time.

I was just wondering if people would mind sharing their experience on a first lap - tips for recovery, how bad was the pain/ what were you able to do a day, 2days etc after because I'm not sure how much help I'll need with the kids while i recover.

Also, I was given the option of having a coil put in while I'm under. She said if its something I want to try its a lot better to have it put in when I'm under than do it separately. I know that peoples experience on the coil varies a lot but I wanted to get a feel of peoples experiences? Do most people find it good or most people hate it. I've previously not done well on different hormonal contraceptives. If other people have had the same and then tried the pill, how did that work for you? How long did people find it took to settle down?

Any information is appreciated!


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My last key hole surgery was to remove a cyst from my ovary and I went home the day after - I was sore for a good few days and had to take it easy - you have to learn to listen to your body and remember that just because on outside you look ok they will of done a lot of looking round inside and u will feel bruised

Really pleased u had consultant who was helpful

I have my diagnostic lap on Monday to find out why Ive been in agony for over 9 months x

Fingers crossed for u x


I had my first lap 2 yrs ago and my consultant blasted what he could. I was told to take 2 weeks off work and I needed it. I was sore to begin with and I over did it so made it worse but I also found that it made me tire out easily.

I don't have the coil but my friend with endo has and she says it's saved her life - no periods = no pain, so she always recommends it to people who've had children.

Good luck!


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