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My endo hurts everyday all day

Is anyone in pain everyday all day? Your pelvic pain.. Myn is so bad.. I'm waiting to see a specialist for awhile now, as endometrosis doctors are hard to get into .. And a long wait! My muscle spasms are getting worse up and down both my legs.. I can bearly go up and down the stairs with out it hurting .. It has ruined my life for the past 4 years.. Sexual intercourse is so uncomfortable .. I can't even deal with life sometimes.. No one understands the pain we go through I'm only 19 years old . My surgery confirmed my endometrosis on April 10th 2015.. When my symptoms started in October 2012.. I'm on heavy heavy pain medication, but you know nothing takes this pain away.. Absolutely nothing! :(

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Also in my vagina and hip hurts a lot..... I feel like I can feel the endo move :( it maybe just the spasms but I'm in so much pain!!!!


I'm exactly the same - it drives you insane :-( pain and fatigue are awful and really get you down x


Sorry your dealing with this at such a young age, did your surgeon excise your endo??

Where was it found and what stage?

Have you got a referal to see a specialist bsge centre

What pain meds are you on?

A lot of questions but if you answer them I or someone might be able to help more



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