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Well was thinking I was getting there going to see a specialist in Sheffield next month now got my counsellor now my fist meeting was on Monday was good got 7 more meeting with her then on Tuesday woke up in lots of Pain in my left leg and arm my husband had to get me up washed and dressed and to the doctors could found it hard to work got my crutch to walk with and my husband on other side of me the nurse call me in to take my blood pressure and asked wots happened then had to see the doctor it was a bit like wot had happened to me in December when she was thinking I'd had a anther stroke she think it's never ends giving me all the pain cos last time they did not know wot had happened to me then just sed its all to do with me APS I will be glad when I go to hospital and not fob off this time like see you in a year have some blood test a month before if they come back ok will discage you that's wot me remo told me this time fed up of just been pushed around with no answers and my doctors sed same about it that's y we both been trying to find a speclist witch I got of here and give my doctor fingers crossed x

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