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Help post lap

Had my laporoscopy on Friday 5th June and they removed all the endo found I had some in the pouch of Douglas but they cut all this out too. I ended up in a and e yesterday due to severe reactions to painkillers so trying to manage on paracetamol. However since then I cannot stop weeing as soon as I sit back down I need to get back up for another wee and it's making the Pain even worse. Did anybody else experience this? Any help would be greatly appreciated x

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Hi I had my 2nd laparoscopy on the 1st of June. And thay also cut it out off the pouch of Douglas. And I can't stop weeing to x


Hi Laura, I was the same. I had my op on the 26th of May, the constant need to wee should settle down for you soon I hope. I was up and down constantly and still am some nights but it seems to be easing off a bit.

You've had a lot done and I think from the other reply that it must be a reasonably normal reaction.

I'm drinking diluted cranberry as I don't want any other issues and limiting caffeine and sugary drinks as I don't want to irritate that area further.

My dr didn't prescribe strong painkillers for me afterwards as they can cause constipation, which is something else we don't need at the moment. I'm just dealing with the pain as much as I can and am trying to lay off the tramadol and naproxen as I was overdoing it before the op. I find they make me a space cadet anyway!

Hope you start to improve soon. I'm just starting to feel a bit better and have been out for some lunch with my husband today for the first time since my op. x


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