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New job and an Endo Flare

Hi all,

I've recently just started a new job (3 months ago) and am on a 6 month probation, so of course my endo symptoms have decided to make an appearance.

Feeling so tired and in pain makes daily activities such a struggle, especially work, when all you want to do is be tucked up at home on the sofa, with a duvet.

Can an employer terminate your contract for sick days due to endo, when you are in a probation period?

Im so scared of losing my job and I've already taken one sick day, but just feel like I need a days rest.

What advice would you give to somebody in a new job struggling with symptoms?

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Hi Fightinglikeagirl,

Sorry to hear about your struggles!

What kind of place do you work for - i.e. is it a small company, big company, public sector etc?

My experience has only been in the public sector and there I have seen that it would be very, very hard to sack someone on the basis of their health, especially as you could call it a disability. They would have to prove that you are not capable of doing the job - if you have only taken one sick day in 3 months so far then that is far, far from not being capable! I'm sure a couple more days or a week won't harm your chances. Especially if you have an understanding boss - have you been able to explain anything to them? Do you normally have to take a lot of time off when symptoms flare up?

I know it's worrying when you're in a probation phase but as long as you are confident you are doing the job well then you should be fine. I have never seen anyone not pass their probation, and I have been on hiring teams and worked with several incompetent people! But then as I said I have only worked in the public and voluntary sectors so I couldn't comment on the private sector. Disability laws still apply, but I'm not sure if they are more hazy relating to probationary periods. Hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge might be able to reply

Sorry that probably wasn't much help, but I would definitely find an understanding boss to talk to, and possibly discuss solutions such as working from home, or working extra hours when you are well to make up the work. Do everything you can when you are well to show how indispensable you are, which I'm sure you have done in these 3 months!

Good luck, I hope the pain passes soon xx

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