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New to all this😕

Hi guys!!

This is my first time on anything like this so here goes!! I've been diagnosed with endo for over a year. It started with a suspected hernia due to my c section 5 years ago....sadly after a scan they found my 6cm lump of endo and cysts on my ovaries. although I finally knew what was causing me my excruciating pain I didn't have a clue what it was and what it meant for me. C section endo apparently is rare? I haven't even been called back since I had my diagnosis and have never even had a lap....feeling totally overwhelmed and under educated! Had the coil fitted to stop my cycle but still flaring up even tho my cycle has stopped....don't know where to go from here!

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Hi - when you say c section endo if you mean on the scar from where you were stitched this does happen quite frequently with anyone with endo. It is important that you do learn as much as possible so you can take charge of future treatment. You don't say if the cysts were endometriotic cysts (endometriomas) but if they were then it is likely that you might have endo elsewhere that needs attention. If you are still in pain click on my name and read my posts to see what you identify with and on how to find a specialist.x


Thankyou for your reply!! Yes in my scar tissue I didn't think anything to worry about but but it has been growing and now it's stopping me from being able to walk or even wear underwear! It's the feeling of being lost in your own body that's the worst....I will click and read now! Thankyou again for your reply! Charlene Xx


Hi I have Endo in my c.section/lap scar. I was started on progesterone only pill to see if it helps. Watching and waiting.


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